What is OpenKG 

OpenKG is a collection of freely-open KG datasets, tools, models and framework collabratively contributed and superivised by a committee of members from a variety of universities, institutes or companies, mainly from China. The core team is committed to foundational innovation in open technologies for KGs and their integration with modern language technolgies such as LLM.

Open creates values

Open is an important source of innovation. OpenKG provides support to open framework, datasets, tools, and models related to knowledge graphs.

Knowledge is power

Knowledge is abstraction of the world. OpenKG innovates in various technologies such as KG or LLM for representing, learning, and manipulating knowledge.

Graph enables inteligence

Graph is a conventient way to represent knowledge. It contains information and patterns that are not expressed in natural language and are complemented with LLM .

A few things we’re great at

OpenKG participants contribute a number of open KG datasets, and a variety of open-source toolkits. 

SPG is a novel semantic framwework for model KG based upon semantic-augmented property graph.

DeepKE is LLM-enabled knowlege extraction toolkits to facilitate KG constructions

OpenRichpidea is an open-source multi-modal knowledge graphs.

TuGraph is an open-source graph database contributed by Ant Group.

NeuralKG is a open library for diverse representation learning of KGs

Openbase is a crowdsourcing platform for KG building

EasyEdit is a open source knowledge editing tool for Large Language Models.

DeepOnto is ontology eningeering toolkit contributed by Manchester University.

OpenBG is an open businese knowledge graph contributed by Alibaba.

Community is Creative